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Gulliway is a rich source of travel information. Be informed. Keep others updated. To travel is to live!

Travelling around the world.

Are you preparing your trip? Gulliway will help you to plan an interesting route and give you the best advice on exciting places and sights around the world. It also enables you to calculate your trip costs. We collect statistic data on trips from our club’s members. It helps us to make recommendations on planning your journey. For instance: Why do tourists travel? The most popular activities are Driving tours, Sightseeing and also Sunbathing.

Few countries on Earth, rich in lands and cultures, are the most interesting for tourists. Pay your special attention to France, Russia and India. There are many different resources concerning travelling to these countries on our website: travelling to France, travelling to Russia, travelling to India.

World continents.

Want to see world interactive maps? There are maps of the following continents in our database:

Geographically Earth consists of the following continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Antarctica.

Awesome cities and places around the world.

If you plan a trip, pay special attention to Moscow, Prague, Minsk, Rome and Nice. The following cities are also popular - Hyderabad, Maywood, Saint Petersburg, Tequixquiac, Coimbatore, Ecatepec De Morelos, Höfn, Siglufjörður, Þorlákshöfn, Leone.

Routes and travel notes.

Start browsing routes database from here: All routes of the world. There is a special resource for means of transportation: transport of the world. According to it, the most popular way to travel globally is Cruise, Own car, Rent car.

Useful travel information from Gulliway:

Do you want to know more? Check, what Wikipedia knows about Earth. Gulliway has a special source for travelling activities around the world. Our statistic says, the most popular travelling activities on Earth are: Driving tours, Sightseeing, Sunbathing, Historical Trip, Family Travel, Wilderness Adventures, National parks, Hiking, Walking, Wine & Beer Tasting, Romance.

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  • The Wikipedia article about Earth

    A subregion is a conceptual unit which derives from a larger region or continent and is usually based on location. Cardinal directions, such as south or southern, are commonly used to define a subregion.

    United Nations subregions

    Main article: United Nations geoscheme

    The Statistics Division of the United Nations (UN) is in charge of the collection, processing, and dissemination of statistical information for the UN. In 1999, it developed a system of macro-geographical (continental) regions, subregions, and other selected economic groups to report advances towards achieving numerous millennial development goals worldwide. This geoscheme was devised for statistical purposes and is used for carrying out statistical analysis. The division's first publication was the book World's Women 2000: Trends and Statistics in 2000.

    This scheme is in use by several bodies within the UN; other schemes are also used. According to the UN, these geographical divisions do not imply any assumption regarding political or other affiliations of countries or territories by the UN.

    Subregions by continent

    The following is a non-exhaustive list of subregions, arranged alphabetically by region (i.e., by continent); in the UN geoscheme, higher-level, macro-geographical regions are arranged to the extent possible according to continents.


    • by UN subregion:
      • Northern Africa
      • Western Africa
      • Middle Africa
      • Eastern Africa
      • Southern Africa
    • by geography:
      • North Africa
        • Maghreb
        • Sahel
      • Sub-Saharan Africa
        • West Africa
        • East Africa
        • Horn of Africa
        • Central Africa
        • Congo
        • Southern Africa
        • Sudan (region)
    • by geology:
        • Kaapvaal craton
        • Zimbabwe craton


    • see also: Americas (terminology)

    North America

    • by UN subregion:
      • Northern America
      • Central America
      • Caribbean
    • by geography:
      • Canadian Arctic
      • Great Basin
      • Great Plains
      • Great Lakes
      • The Greater Antilles
      • The Lesser Antilles
    • by geology:
      • Canadian Shield
      • North American craton
      • Slave craton
      • Superior craton
      • Wyoming craton
    • by economics:
      • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
      • Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
      • Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)

    South America

    • by geography:
      • Altiplano
      • Amazon Basin
      • Andes
      • Caribbean South America
      • Gran Chaco
      • Guianas
      • Pampa
      • Pantanal
      • Patagonia
    • by economics (Union of South American Nations):
      • Andean Community
      • Mercosur



    • by UN subregion:
      • Western Asia
      • Central Asia
      • Southern Asia
      • Eastern Asia
      • Southeastern Asia
    • by geography:
      • Central Asia
      • Southwest Asia
        • Arabian Peninsula/Gulf States
        • Anatolia
        • Caucasus
        • Levant
        • Mesopotamia
        • Kurdistan
        • Iranian Plateau/Balochistan
      • North Asia (see Siberia)
      • East Asia
      • South Asia, or the Indian subcontinent
        • Himalayan states
        • Indo-Gangetic plains
        • Deccan Plateau/Peninsular India
        • Indian Ocean states
        • South India
        • North India
        • East India
        • Northeast India
        • West India
      • Southeast Asia
        • Maritime/Malay Archipelago
        • Mainland/Indochina
    • other groupings:
      • Far East
      • Middle East
      • Near East


    • by UN subregion:
      • Western Europe
      • Northern Europe
      • Southern Europe
      • Eastern Europe
    • by peninsula:
      • Balkan Peninsula
      • Iberian Peninsula
      • Italian Peninsula
      • Scandinavian Peninsula
    • by other groupings:
      • Baltic States
      • Benelux or the Low Countries
      • the British Isles
      • Central Europe
      • Nordic countries (Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), Iceland, Finland, the Danish territories of Greenland and Faroe Islands, and the Finnish territory of Åland)
      • Visegrád Group
    • by geology
      • Baltic shield
      • Ukrainian shields
      • East European craton


    • Australasia or Australia
      • by geography
        • Australian Capital Territory
        • New South Wales
        • Northern Territory
        • Queensland
        • South Australia
        • Tasmania
        • Victoria
        • Western Australia
        • Jervis Bay Territory
      • by geology
        • Yilgarn craton
        • Pilbara craton
    • Melanesia
    • Micronesia
    • Polynesia
    • South Pacific
    • North Pacific

    See also

    • United Nations geoscheme
    • Continent
    • Subcontinent
    • Supercontinent

    © This material from Wikipedia is licensed under the GFDL.