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Łódź travel guide.

Łódź ( Français: Łódź, Russian: Лодзь, Spanish: Łódź, Deutsch: Łódź) is a city in Poland, situated in the Łódź Voivodeship region. According to the latest census, the city population is about 768755 inhabitants. Geographical coordinates of Łódź (WGS84): (lat.): 51° 45' 0" N ( 51.75 ), (long.): 19° 28' 0" E ( 19.4667 ). Interested in Łódź’s history, and other interesting facts? Learn more about the city’s history and culture from Wikipedia article about Łódź.

Łódź sights and POI (Points Of Interest).

The sights most referred to are: University of Łódź, Gazownia w Łodzi, Stare Polesie w Łodzi.

If you plan to visit the city soon, we recommend you to pay attention on the following most well-known sights: Centrum informacji turystycznej ], Willa j, Willa reinholda richtera, Bazylika archikaterdalna, BiaBa fabryka ludwika geyera, Centralne muzeum w^, Budynek przemysBowy kopischa, Fabryka poznanskiego, Pa^ac poznanskich, Willa kindermanna pod jab^oniami. Łódź Map and weather in Łódź.

  • Łódź



Temp: 17 °C
Wind Chill:17 °C
Pressure:89 %
Speed:18 km/h
Direction:248 °
Humidity: mb
Weather station:
Lodz, 2 km

Łódź travel guide. Łódź suburbs and routes through Łódź

Łódź is not the only place to see! If you are interested in travel from Łódź .
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Museums and clubs in Łódź

  • Theatres in Łódź: Logos, Pinokio, Teatr powszechny, Arlekin, Teatr studyjny
  • Museums in Łódź: Muzeum tradycji niepodleg^osciowych, Muzeum sztuki, Muzeum historii miasta ]odzi oddzia^ muzeum sportu, Muzeum oswiaty ziemi ], Centralne muzeum w^
  • Night clubs in Łódź:

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  • The Wikipedia article about Łódź

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    Łódź (Polish: [wutɕ] (listen); also written in English as Lodz) is the third-largest city in Poland and a former industrial hub. Located in the central part of the country, it has a population of 685,285 (2018). It is the capital of Łódź Voivodeship, and is located approximately 120 kilometres (75 mi) south-west of Warsaw. The city's coat of arms is an example of canting, as it depicts a boat (łódź in Polish), which alludes to the city's name.

    Łódź was once a small settlement that first appeared in written records in around 1332. In the early 15th century it was granted city rights, but remained a rather small and insubstantial town. It was the property of Kuyavian bishops and clergy until the end of the 18th century, when Łódź was annexed by Prussia as a result of the second partition of Poland. Following the collapse of the independent Duchy of Warsaw, the city became part of Congress Poland, a client state of the Russian Empire. It was then that Łódź experienced rapid growth in the cloth industry and in population due to the inflow of migrants, most notably Germans and Jews. Ever since the industrialization of the area, the city has struggled with many difficulties such as multinationalism and social inequality, which were vividly documented in the novel The Promised Land written by Polish Nobel Prize-winning author Władysław Reymont. The contrasts greatly reflected on the architecture of the city, where luxurious mansions coexisted with redbrick factories and old tenement houses.

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