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Travelling to Ukraine.

Are you preparing your trip to Ukraine? Gulliway will help you to plan an interesting route and give you the best advice on exciting places and sights in Ukraine. It also enables you to calculate your trip costs. We collect statistic data on trips to Ukraine from our club’s members. It helps us to make recommendations on planning your journey. For instance: Why do tourists travel to Ukraine? The most popular activities are Hiking, Walking, Romance and also Amusement Park. Travellers go to Ukraine from around the world, .

Few countries of Ukraine, rich in lands and cultures, are the most interesting for tourists. Pay your special attention to Ukraine . There are many different resources concerning travelling to these countries on our website: travelling to Ukraine.

The map of Ukraine

Ukraine regions.

Want to see interactive maps of Ukraine? There are maps of the following Ukraine regions in our database:

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Geographically Ukraine consists of the following regions: Kirovohrad Oblast, Kiev Oblast, Cherkasy Oblast, Poltava Oblast, Rivne Oblast, Sumy Oblast, Odessa Oblast, Ternopil Oblast, Zaporizhia Oblast, Zhytomyr Oblast, Volyn Oblast, Vinnyts’Ka Oblast’, Zakarpattia Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Crimea, Chernivtsi Oblast, Chernihiv Oblast, Donetsk Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Kherson Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast, Luhansk Oblast.

Cities of Ukraine

If you plan a trip to Ukraine, pay special attention to Kiev, Kirovohrad, Znam”Yanka, Forest 2 and Berezhinka. .

Routes and travel notes about Ukraine.

Start browsing routes database from here: All routes of Ukraine. There is a special resource for means of transportation: Ukraine transport . According to it, the most popular ways to travel to Ukraine .

Useful information about Ukraine from Gulliway:

Do you want to read more about Ukraine? Check, what Wikipedia knows about Ukraine. Gulliway has a special source for travelling activities in Ukraine. Our statistic says, the most popular travelling activities in Ukraine are: Hiking, Walking, Driving tours, Family Travel, Romance, Amusement Park, Sightseeing, Budget Travel, Backpacking, Cycling, Camping, Historical Trip.

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  • The Wikipedia article about Ukraine

    Ukraine (/juːˈkrn/; Ukrainian: Україна, tr. Ukrayina [ukrɐˈjinɐ]), sometimes called the Ukraine , is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe,bordered by Russia to the east, northeast, and south, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia to the west, Romania, and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively. Ukraine is currently in territorial dispute with Russia over the Crimean Peninsula which Russia annexed in 2014 but which Ukraine and most of the international community recognise as Ukrainian. Including Crimea, Ukraine has an area of 603,628 km (233,062 sq mi), making it the largest country entirely within Europe and the 46th largest country in the world. It has a population of about 42.5 million, making it the 32nd most populous country in the world.

    The territory of modern Ukraine has been inhabited since 32,000 BC. During the Middle Ages, the area was a key centre of East Slavic culture, with the powerful state of Kievan Rus' forming the basis of Ukrainian identity. Following its fragmentation in the 13th century, the territory was contested, ruled and divided by a variety of powers, including Lithuania, Poland, the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Russia. A Cossack republic emerged and prospered during the 17th and 18th centuries, but its territory was eventually split between Poland and the Russian Empire, and later merged fully into Russia.

    During the 20th century three periods of independence occurred. The first of these periods occurred briefly during and immediately after the German occupation near the end of World War I and the second occurred, also briefly, and also during German occupation, during World War II. However, both of these first two earlier periods would eventually see Ukraine's territories consolidated back into a Soviet republic within the USSR. The third period of independence began in 1991, when Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union in the aftermath of its dissolution at the end of the Cold War. Ukraine has maintained its independence as a sovereign state ever since. Before its independence, Ukraine was typically referred to in English as "The Ukraine", but sources since then have moved to drop "the" from the name of Ukraine in all uses.

    © This material from Wikipedia is licensed under the GFDL.