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The sights of the Klosterneuburg.

Klosterneuburg ( Français: Klosterneuburg, Russian: Клостернойбург, Spanish: Klosterneuburg, Deutsch: Klosterneuburg) is a city in Austria, situated in the Lower Austria region. According to the latest census, the city population is 24843 residents. Geographical coordinates of Klosterneuburg (WGS84): (lat.): 48° 18' 19" N ( 48.3052 ), (long.): 16° 19' 31" E ( 16.3252 ). Interested in useful and fascinating information about Klosterneuburg? Learn more about the city’s history and culture from Wikipedia article about Klosterneuburg.

Klosterneuburg sights and POI.

The most popular sights are: Kastell Klosterneuburg.

If you plan to visit the city soon, we recommend you to pay attention on the following most famous sights: Kahlenberg, Elisabethh, Schlo bisamberg. Klosterneuburg Map and weather in Klosterneuburg.

  • Klosterneuburg



Temp: 17 °C
Wind Chill:17 °C
Pressure:89 %
Speed:10 km/h
Direction:201 °
Humidity: mb
Weather station:
Klosterneuburg, 1 km

Klosterneuburg travel guide. Klosterneuburg suburbs and routes through Klosterneuburg

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Museums and clubs in Klosterneuburg

  • Theatres in Klosterneuburg:
  • Museums in Klosterneuburg:
  • Night clubs in Klosterneuburg: Kampleitner keg, Stoll johanna, Hotel anker - bar

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  • The Wikipedia article about Klosterneuburg

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    Klosterneuburg German pronunciation: [ˈkloːstɐnɔɪ̯bʊʁk] (frequently abbreviated as "Kloburg" by locals) is a town in Tulln District in the Austrian state of Lower Austria. It has a population of about 26,000. The Klosterneuburg Monastery, which was established in 1114 and soon after given to the Augustinians, is of particular historical importance.


    It is located on the Danube, immediately north of the Austrian capital Vienna, from which it is separated by the Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg hills of the Vienna Woods range. It has been separated from its twin city of Korneuburg on the left bank of the Danube since the river changed its course during the Late Middle Ages. Both towns are connected by a reaction ferry link. The municipal area comprises the northern tip of the Donauinsel as well as the 515 m (1,690 ft) high Mt. Exelberg and its telecommunication tower.

    At the site of a former pioneer school of the Austrian Bundesheer, Klosterneuburg has various military buildings and former stores which will be developed into a 12 hectare large new quarter of the town by 2030. It is also the centre of a wine growing area, with several esteemed vintners, numerous Heuriger taverns, and the Federal Institute for Viticulture and Pomology, where Fritz Zweigelt bred the Zweigelt and Blauburger red wine grapes.

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