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Bregenz on the map.

Bregenz ( Français: Bregenz, Russian: Брегенц, Spanish: Bregenz, Deutsch: Bregenz) is a city in Austria, situated in the Vorarlberg region. According to the latest census, the city population is about 27611 inhabitants. Geographical coordinates of Bregenz (WGS84): (lat.): 47° 30' 11" N ( 47.5031 ), (long.): 9° 44' 50" E ( 9.7471 ). Interested in useful and fascinating information about Bregenz? Learn more about the city’s history and culture from Wikipedia article about Bregenz.

Bregenz sights and POI (Points Of Interest).

The sights most referred to are: Bregenzer Festspiele.

If you plan to visit the city soon, we recommend you to pay attention on the following most well-known sights: Pf, Burg hohenbregenz. Bregenz Map and weather in Bregenz.

  • Bregenz



Temp: 20 °C
Wind Chill:20 °C
Pressure:70 %
Speed:10 km/h
Direction:76 °
Humidity: mb
Weather station:
Bregenz, 1 km

Bregenz travel guide. Routes through Bregenz

Bregenz is not the only city visited by tourists . If you want to discover where to travel from and what interesting things can be found on the outskirts of Bregenz.
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Museums and clubs in Bregenz

  • Theatres in Bregenz: Theater am kornmark, Theater f
  • Museums in Bregenz: Vorarlberger landesmuseum, Kunsthaus bregenz
  • Night clubs in Bregenz: Le billard bar, Neu amerika bar, Nachtigall tanzbar, Freizeitclub 3000 bar, Table-dance no 1 bar

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We suggest you to check routes in Bregenz.
. Bregenz and many others.

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  • The Wikipedia article about Bregenz

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    Bregenz (German pronunciation: [ˈbʁeːgɛnt͡s] (listen)) is the capital of Vorarlberg, the westernmost state of Austria. The city is on the eastern shores of Lake Constance, the third-largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, between Switzerland in the west and Germany in the northwest.

    The city is on a plateau falling in a series of terraces to the lake at the foot of Pfänder mountain. It is a junction of the arterial roads from the Rhine valley to the German Alpine foothills, with cruise ship services on Lake Constance.

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