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Frankfurt travel guide.

Frankfurt ( Français: Francfort-Sur-L\`oder, Russian: Франкфурт-На-Одере, Spanish: Fráncfort Del Óder, Deutsch: Frankfurt (Oder)) is a city in Germany, situated in the Brandenburg region. According to the latest census, the city population is about 51691 inhabitants. Geographical coordinates of Frankfurt (WGS84): (lat.): 52° 20' 50" N ( 52.3471 ), (long.): 14° 33' 2" E ( 14.5506 ). Interested in Frankfurt’s history, and other interesting facts? Learn more about the city’s history and culture from Wikipedia article about Frankfurt.

Frankfurt sights and POI (Points Of Interest).


If you plan to visit the city soon, we recommend you to pay attention on the following most well-known sights: Schulmuseum, Museum f, Konzerthalle carl philipp emanuel bach, Rathaus, Kleist-museum. Frankfurt Map and weather in Frankfurt.

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Temp: 14 °C
Wind Chill:14 °C
Pressure:84 %
Speed:23 km/h
Direction:217 °
Humidity: mb
Weather station:
Frankfurt, 1 km

Frankfurt travel guide. Routes through Frankfurt

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Museums and clubs in Frankfurt

  • Theatres in Frankfurt: Kleist-theater, Theater im schuppen e v
  • Museums in Frankfurt: Schulmuseum, Museum f
  • Night clubs in Frankfurt: Diskothek bananas

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  • The Wikipedia article about Frankfurt

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    Frankfurt (Oder) (also known as Frankfurt an der Oder, German: [ˈfʁaŋkfʊʁt ʔan deːɐ̯ ˈʔoːdɐ]; abbreviated Frankfurt a. d. Oder, Frankfurt a. d. O., Frankf. a. d. O., lit. 'Frankfurt on the Oder') is a town in Brandenburg, Germany, located on the west side of the Oder River, on the Germany-Poland border, about 80 kilometres (50 mi) east of Berlin. Until the end of Second World War (1945), the city of Słubice, Poland, was a part of Frankfurt. Until 1990 Frankfurt an der Oder was part of East Germany.

    At the end of the 1980s, the city reached a population peak with more than 87,000 inhabitants. The number dropped below 70,000 in 2002 and was just above 60,000 in 2010.

    The city's recorded history began in the 13th century as a Polish settlement. Throughout its history it was part of Poland, Brandenburg, the Bohemian Crown, Prussia and Germany, including East Germany. The official name Frankfurt (Oder) and the older Frankfurt an der Oder are used to distinguish it from the larger city of Frankfurt am Main.

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