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The sights of the Assen.

Assen ( Français: Assen, Russian: Ассен, Spanish: Assen, Deutsch: Assen) is a city in Netherlands, situated in the Drenthe region. According to the latest census, the city population is 62237 residents. Geographical coordinates of Assen (WGS84): (lat.): 52° 59' 48" N ( 52.9967 ), (long.): 6° 33' 45" E ( 6.5625 ). Interested in useful and fascinating information about Assen? Learn more about the city’s history and culture from Wikipedia article about Assen.

Assen sights and POI.


If you plan to visit the city soon, we recommend you to pay attention on the following most famous sights: Vvv, De lariks, Overcingel. Assen Map and weather in Assen.


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Temp: 13 °C
Wind Chill:13 °C
Pressure:78 %
Speed:16 km/h
Direction:235 °
Humidity: mb
Weather station:
Assen, 0 km

Assen travel guide. Routes through Assen

Assen is not the only city visited by tourists . If you want to discover where to travel from and what interesting things can be found on the outskirts of Assen.
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Museums and clubs in Assen

  • Theatres in Assen: De kolk theater
  • Museums in Assen: Drents museum
  • Night clubs in Assen: Fair play, Regalis bar caf, De witterbrug, De pelikaan, Old dutch

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  • The Wikipedia article about Assen

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    Assen (Dutch: [ˈɑsə(n)] (listen)) is a municipality and a city in the northeastern Netherlands, and is the capital of the province of Drenthe. It received city rights in 1809. Assen is known for TT Circuit Assen, the motorcycle racing circuit, where on the last Sunday in June the Dutch TT is run; and also for the annual Assen Dance Festival.

    Population centres

    Anreep, Assen, De Haar, Graswijk, Loon, Rhee, Schieven, Ter Aard, Ubbena, Witten, Zeijerveen, and Zeijerveld.


    The history of the capital of Drenthe can be traced back to at least 1258, when a new location had to be found for Marienkamp Abbey, which had originally been built near Coevorden as a penalty for the slaughter in 1227 of the army of the Bishop of Utrecht at the hands of Drenthe's peasants, in what has come to be known as the Battle of Ane – a battle, incidentally, in which the bishop was killed. His successor ordered the nunnery to be built as a penalty. As it was located in a barren peat area, which also happened to flood from time to time, a better location had to be found. A better and especially drier spot for the Cistercian abbey was found in an area known as Witten, where at the time only a few farms were located. Around it were village communities like Deurze, Witten and Peelo. The latter has a history which goes back to the times from when Dolmens were built, but it is now situated between two new districts of Assen. The "relocated" abbey probably was erected in the 1260s, and over the centuries Assen developed around it.

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