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The sights of the Ecatepec De Morelos.

Ecatepec De Morelos ( Français: Ecatepec De Morelos, Russian: Экатепек-Де-Морелос, Spanish: Ecatepec De Morelos, Deutsch: Ecatepec De Morelos) is a city in Mexico, situated in the Mexico region. According to the latest census, the city population is 1806226 residents. Geographical coordinates of Ecatepec De Morelos (WGS84): (lat.): 19° 36' 4" N ( 19.6011 ), (long.): 99° 3' 9" W ( -99.0525 ). Interested in useful and fascinating information about Ecatepec De Morelos? Learn more about the city’s history and culture from Wikipedia article about Ecatepec De Morelos.

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. Ecatepec De Morelos Map and weather in Ecatepec De Morelos.

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Ecatepec De Morelos
Temp: 26 °C
Wind Chill:26 °C
Pressure:53 %
Speed:10 km/h
Direction:120 °
Humidity: mb
Weather station:
Cuautitlan, 15 km

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  • The Wikipedia article about Ecatepec De Morelos

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    Ecatepec, (Spanish [ekateˈpek]  once officially Ecatepec de Morelos, is a city and municipality in the State of Mexico. Both are usually known simply as "Ecatepec". The city is practically co-extensive with the municipality, with the city's 2005 population of 1,687,549 being 99.9% of the total municipal population of 1,688,258. The provisional population at the 2010 Census was 1,658,806. It is Mexico's second most populous municipality

    The name "Ecatepec" is derived from Nahuatl, and means "windy hill" or "hill devoted to Ehecatl." It was also an alternative name or invocation to Quetzalcoatl. "Morelos" is the last name of José María Morelos, a hero of the Mexican War of Independence.

    The Mexico City metro subway system was extended into Ecatepec.

    © This material from Wikipedia is licensed under the GFDL.