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The sights of the Maracaibo.

Maracaibo ( Français: Maracaibo, Russian: Маракайбо, Spanish: Maracaibo, Deutsch: Maracaibo) is a city in Venezuela, situated in the Zulia region. According to the latest census, the city population is 2225000 residents. Geographical coordinates of Maracaibo (WGS84): (lat.): 10° 37' 54" N ( 10.6317 ), (long.): 71° 38' 26" W ( -71.6406 ). Interested in useful and fascinating information about Maracaibo? Learn more about the city’s history and culture from Wikipedia article about Maracaibo.

Maracaibo sights and POI.

The most popular sights are: Estadio José Pachencho Romero.

. Maracaibo Map and weather in Maracaibo.

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Temp: 33 °C
Wind Chill:33 °C
Pressure:81 %
Speed:13 km/h
Direction:158 °
Humidity: mb
Weather station:
Maracaibo, 11 km

Maracaibo travel guide. Routes through Maracaibo

Maracaibo is not the only city visited by tourists . If you want to discover where to travel from and what interesting things can be found on the outskirts of Maracaibo.
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  • The Wikipedia article about Maracaibo

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    Maracaibo (/ˌmærəˈkb/; Spanish pronunciation: [maɾaˈkaiβo] (listen)) is a city and the municipal seat of Maracaibo Municipality in northwestern Venezuela, on the western shore of the strait that connects Lake Maracaibo to the Gulf of Venezuela. It is the second-largest city in Venezuela, after the national capital, Caracas, and the capital of the state of Zulia. The population of the city is approximately 2,658,355 with the metropolitan area estimated at 5,278,448 as of 2010.Maracaibo is nicknamed "The Beloved Land of the Sun" (Spanish: "La Tierra del Sol Amada").

    Maracaibo is considered the economic center of the western part of Venezuela, owing to the petroleum industry that developed in the shores of Lake Maracaibo. It is sometimes known as "The First City of Venezuela", for being the first city in Venezuela to adopt various types of public services, including electricity, as well as for being located adjacent to shores of Lake Maracaibo, where the name of Venezuela allegedly originates.

    Early indigenous settlements around the area were of Arawak and Carib origin. Maracaibo’s founding date is disputed. There were failed attempts to found the city—in 1529, by Captain Ambrosio Ehinger, and in 1569, by Captain Alonso Pacheco. Founded in 1574 as Nueva Zamora de la Laguna de Maracaibo by Captain Pedro Maldonado, the city became a transshipment point for inland settlements after Gibraltar, at the head of the lake, had been destroyed by pirates in 1669. It was not until the first decades of the 17th century that the first town was settled. Petroleum was discovered in 1917, leading to a large increase in population from migration.

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