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Travelling to North Holland: by commercial aircraft, by Rent car and by Railway

If you are going to North Holland be sure to visit .

One of the most important questions for any traveler is: how do I get there? Let’s say, how to arrive in North Holland and move around between the cities of North Holland? Look at how our travellers have answered these questions while travelling in North Holland – it may help you a lot!

Our stats say these means of transportation were the most popular to move around in North Holland: на Railway, and the most comfortable way to arrive in North Holland is : commercial aircraft, Rent car, commercial bus.

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Means of transportation in North Holland and travel routes in North Holland

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Travel routes in the regions of North Holland

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    Useful tips about North Holland from Gulliway:

    North Holland is a part of Netherlands and consists of the following regions:. Here are the destinations most often chosen by independent travellers: Netherlands .

    Go to Interactive map of North Holland to see more details. Don’t forget to read Wiki’s article on North Holland.

    According to Gulliway’s special source for travel activities in North Holland the most popular ways to entertain oneself in North Holland are: Historical Trip, Driving tours, Sightseeing.

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    The most popular means of transportation in North Holland: Travelling by commercial aircraft, Travelling by Rent car , Travelling by Railway , , and in North Holland.