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Södertälje ( Français: Södertälje, Spanish: Södertälje, Deutsch: Södertälje, Русский: Сёдертелье) - (The) city in Sweden, situated in Stockholm County region. According to the latest census, the city population is 60279. Geographical coordinates of Södertälje (WGS84): latitude: 59° 11' 44" N ( 59.1955 ), longitude: 17° 37' 31" E ( 17.6253 ).

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Södertälje: Church, Old city hall, Canal, City
Södertälje: Church, Old city hall, Canal, City
Coat of arms of Södertälje
Coat of arms
Södertälje is located in Stockholm
Södertälje is located in Sweden
Coordinates: 59°11′45″N 17°37′41″E / 59.19583°N 17.62806°E / 59.19583; 17.62806
Country Sweden
Province Södermanland
County Stockholm County
Municipality Södertälje Municipality
Founded 1300s
 • Total 25.84 km (9.98 sq mi)
23 m (75 ft)
 • Total 71,774
 • Density 170/km (400/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code(s) (+46) 08
Vehicle registration 0356
Website www.sodertalje.se

Södertälje (/ˌsɜːrdərˈtɛljə, ˌsʌd-/ SU(R)D-ər-TEL-yə;Swedish: [sœdɛ²ʈɛlːjɛ] (About this soundlisten)) is a city and the seat of Södertälje Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden. As of 2016, it has a population of 71,774 inhabitants.

The industrial city, about 30 kilometers (19 mi) southwest of Stockholm, is the home to truck maker Scania AB and one of the manufacturing arms of pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Its research and development facility was closed in 2012. Its former facility was sold to a consortium of PEAB and Acturum, the acquisition department of the Wallenberg Foundation.

More than 40 percent of Södertälje's inhabitants have foreign backgrounds, and this proportion increases by 1.5 percent per year. Assyrians/Syriacs are the largest groups of immigrants in Södertälje.


Prior to 600 AD, the lake Mälaren was connected to the sea. Due to land elevation, the lake was slowly cut off, and boats had to be dragged over land to and from the lake. This demanded labour, who settled in a village here.

The name Tälje or Telge is first attested (as Telgas) in the 11th century. It is derived from Old Swedish *talgh with the meaning 'indentation', referring to the long and narrow inlets connecting the city with the Baltic Sea and Mälaren. To resolve a name conflict with another town that was founded north of Stockholm in the 17th century, Söder (meaning 'south') was added to create Södertälje; Norr ('North') was added to the other to create Norrtälje.

In the 18th century Södertälje had a charter. Due to the Great Northern War and a series of plague epidemics, the population of the city dipped to barely above 200.

In its December 2015 and 2017 reports, Police in Sweden placed the Ronna/Geneta/Lina district in the most severe category of urban areas with high crime rates.


The first Aramaic-speaking immigrants arrived in 1967 as refugees from Turkey and were invited to settle here as workers for the understaffed factories in the area. However, the small community skyrocketed within a decade due to the PKK insurgency against the Turkish State during the 1980s which displaced tens of thousands of Aramaic-speaking immigrants because it made the region they lived in, known as Tur Abdin, unsafe for them. In more recent times, the Iraqi insurgency (2003–11), and the Syrian Civil War have caused the Aramaic-speaking immigrant community to grow even larger.

In the city, Aramaic-speaking immigrants have five churches, two bishops, two soccer teams (Assyriska FF and Syrianska FC), several shops, an Assyrian/Syriac Aramean association and the headquarters of the Syriac language TV Channels Suroyo TV and Suryoyo Sat.

Outside of the Aramaic-speaking immigrant community, other immigrant groups are mainly from Finland and former Yugoslavia. During the Iraq war 1,500 Mandaeans also fled to Södertälje, and now make up one of the largest communities of Mandaeans in the world. However, not many Muslim immigrants live in Södertälje, as they often suffer hate crimes by the Arameans of the city, who were oppressed by Muslims in the Middle East.

The most spoken languages in Södertälje besides Swedish, which is the national language, are Turoyo, Neo-Aramaic and Arabic. To a lesser extent, Finnish and Serbian are also relatively common second languages.

In the 2011-13 period, about 58% of the population in the Hovsjö district originated outside the EU and the Nordic Countries, at the time the highest share of all districts in Sweden along with Herrgården district in Malmö.

In 2017, Södertälje was one of three municipalities in Sweden with a population majority (53.0%) of foreign background. Foreign background is officially defined as being either born abroad or having both parents born abroad.


Truck manufacturer Scania AB has its main location in Södertälje. It is also one of the main sites for pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The port of Södertälje is the second in the Stockholm region. Volkswagen Group has its Swedish headquarters located in Södertälje, and Lantmännen Axa Foodservice AB is located in Järna 10 km south of Södertälje.


In basketball, Södertälje BBK, SBBK is one of the best in the country, and Södertalje KINGS became Swedish Champions in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In total SBBK has got 10 Gold for the male team Södertalje KINGS and 12 Gold for the female team Telge Basket. SBBK has in total 132 Swedish Championships since the star in 1968. Täljehallen is the home for SBBK.

The city is home to Södertälje SK, a classic and successful ice hockey team currently playing in Sweden's second highest league – HockeyAllsvenskan with Scaniarinken as their home arena. Assyriska FF and Syrianska FC are also two successful football clubs started in 1974 and 1977. They play in the same arena, Södertälje Fotbollsarena.

Södertälje Storm Rugby League club are a pioneering Rugby league team, playing in the Swedish National Rugby League, which was formed in 2015.

There is an indoor swimming arena in which elite training and races are held. It's called "Sydpoolen" ("South pool").


The town is situated on a bay of Lake Mälaren, which is here connected with the Baltic Sea by the Södertälje Canal, 35 miles (56 km) in length, with a minimum depth of 20 ft (6.1 m). This is on the route followed by the Göta Canal steamboats between Stockholm and Gothenburg. It was opened in 1819 and much enlarged in 1924, though a canal was begun here in the first half of the 15th century at the instigation of the patriot Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson.

Södertälje City Hall


Södertälje, and the rest of Stockholm region has a humid continental climate (Köppen Dfb) and displays four distinct seasons. Due to the city's high northerly latitude, daylight varies widely from more than 18 hours around midsummer, to only around 6 hours in midwinter. Södertälje has much warmer and sunnier weather than other locations at the same latitude mainly because of the influence of Gulf Stream. The city enjoys 1,981 hours of sunshine annually.

Summers have an average daytime high temperatures of 20–23 °C (68–73 °F) and lows of around 15 °C (59 °F), but there are periods of heat waves and many days with temperatures above 25 °C (77 °F)+). Winters are cold, though sometimes milder with temperatures ranging from −3 to 1 °C (27 to 34 °F), while spring and autumn mainly cool.

Annual precipitation is 539 mm (21.2 in) with light to moderate rainfall throughout the year. Snow mainly occurs from December through March, but snow covers does not remain for a long time.

Public transport

Location of Södertälje Municipality in the Stockholm County.

Södertälje is served by the Stockholm public transport system, but has also a main line railway station for connections outside Stockholm County. The main railway station is Södertälje Syd railway station ("South") and located some 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) southeast of the city center where most national trains stop. From Södertälje Syd, it is possible to take the Stockholm public transport to all stations in the Södertälje area.

The Stockholm commuter rail system has six stations in the municipality. four of them in the Södertälje city itself, Södertälje Centrum ("centre"), Södertälje Hamn ("harbour"), Södertälje Syd ("south") and Östertälje, and two stations outside the city but within the municipality at Järna and Mölnbo.

Notable natives

  • Mats Berggren, writer
  • Björn Borg, tennis player (born in Stockholm, youth in Södertälje)
  • Hasse Aro, host of TV show Efterlyst.
  • Jan Guillou, author and journalist
  • Patrik Nordin, ski mountaineer and cross-country skier
  • Bengt Westerberg, former leader of the Liberal People's Party
  • Johan Edlund, guitarist and vocalist of Tiamat (band)
  • Nicklas Bergfors, ice hockey player
  • Carl Hagelin, ice hockey player
  • Kennedy Bakircioglu, professional footballer
  • Louay Chanko, professional footballer
  • Erkan Zengin, professional footballer (born in Kulu, Konya, Turkey youth in Södertälje)

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  • International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships (1989)
  • Vabis
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  • "Södertelge" . Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). 1911.
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